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Drone Imagery can capture the full beauty of South Florida at it’s best. And with the creative Art Direction that FlyTechGuy can provide, we can make your photos and videos amazingly impactful to become the envy of your competitors. Whether you’re in the realestate, home & commerce construction or travel & lifestyle industry, our expertise in drone imagery and motion graphics footage will make your product stand out, online or on print.


Aerial Video and Photography is a new and coming business. Although we have mostly worked in real estate and some construction projects, we are always looking for ways to safely expand our markets. Generally we have focused on, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED to:
-Real Estate
-Film & Video Production
-Large scale Painting projects
-Roof inspection
.... and can do much more! Call us and ask.

Can also provide photo, illustration and video editing services.


From creative branding to online savy promo marketing, your product, company or event will get the online presence it needs.


Our traditional and drone photography is compatible to high-end agencies, at just the fraction of the cost.


Video drone technology and imagery has advanced immensely in the past few years, and we are at the forefront in creating the perfect image you need.


  • W. Garcia
    FAR 107 certified - Remote Pilot and Owner. RPIC with the eye in the sky!
  • A. Massari
    Art Director
    Creative Design professional with 15+ years experience in corporate branding for print and web.
  • E. Villareal
    Video Editing
    Video post production processing, editing and special effects to customize your video.
  • F. DelBrouck
    Sales and Marketing
    Sales, pricing and lead generation. Coordination of services and marketing.
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Contact us through this form. We are a new business looking to help you with yours. Quotes and description of services available, pricing and schedule availability.

Where to find us:
South Florida and Boynton Beach area (Zip 33437)

How to reach us:
Or call/leave a message at (561) 283-3559